Multimedia for Everyone

This video comes from my experience working with a year 4 class for most of this term. We have been getting used to incorporating technology into ‘the way we do things’. We got the students to make a multimedia presentation to demonstrate knowledge of capital cities of Australia. We practiced Movie Maker skills in class but because of time constraints and also a desire to see how far the students could go in a short time frame with this technology we also allowed them to work on it as part of homework. The key learnings, some of which are covered in this video include:

  • The parents got involved. Some of them even creating their own holiday videos.
  • The students gained knowledge of the cities they didn’t research by watching other students videos
  • The videos are now reusable by other grades who can watch them
  • The creators had such pride in their work and were able to bring their real-life experiences and learning to the activity

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